Sunday, January 10, 2010

As you my of noticed in the video I posted last night, I have a lot of videos with a red stuffed bull. His name is Snort and I'm thinking about taking him overseas with me. So I desiced to figure out his horiscope of sort.

In China the sign of the ox or bull is symbolic of perseverance, determination, stability and longsuffering.
In this light, the bull is also symbolic of hard work, materialism, methodical progress and rigid determination.

Unlike western astrology, the sign of the ox corresponds to the season of winter and has yin properties.

In ancient cultures such as Sumerian and Semitic cults the bull is a common symbol of protection and guardianship. Indeed, the bull is featured in art and statue guarding entryways into temples, protecting doorways and is believed to ward off thievery and other nefarious people/deeds.

Still working on it :D
I am currently finishing up my dodgey cultural assignment on China.

HUZZAH for bullet points and general vagueness.

Fingers cross I pass.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Well it's been a long time, yet again.

I really don't know how I'm going to do the writing a post every day kinda thing, if I do end up going overseas. But I did promise to keep up communication, if I did. And it's starting to seem pretty likely that I'm heading over in a few months.

Basically my plan is to find as much work as possible while over seas, which I know won't be much. But hey, it will be something to supplement my travel allowance.  So the first thing I looked into was teaching English, unfortunatly I don't think I will be that great of teacher. One I don't have a degree of any sorts and no experience at teaching. Due to these facts I thought it would be at least important I get some experience under my belt, and easiest way to do that would be; an internship.

The internship itself is pretty horrid from what I can tell, pay a little over 2K to do a rushed course so that you can be shipped over to China and be support teacher for 4.5 months. It kinda reminds me of my first job, as a bartender/gaming attendant. Everyone treated me like some alien and heaped all their responsibilities on the new kid and stuck her with the 12.5 hr shits until 5:30AM. But I'm hoping that 5 or so months of experience will at least give me a fighting chance against all those Uni graduates, when I apply for more jobs afterwards. At the moment I have nearly finished my course and then they will put me through to the school that i will possibly work with. Fingers crossed, its not dodgy like I've read in all the travel forums.

If the whole teaching in China thing works out I am hoping I can continue it in Japan work my way over to London and do bartending over there. I have also been looking up other jobs such as au pair in other countries but still unsure about living with a host family for a couple of months; seems abit odd to me. I am heading off for the China thing next month, nearly finished my course cant wait to get in touch with the school but my interviewer seems a little suss, seriously how can you can trust someone called Pinkie Chan? Not a very professional screen name is it? But my agency seems professional at least the travel forums say its trustworthy anyway.

So I'm trying to be positive for once, and hope for the best.

Julie Cortez

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spain, festivals and night life is what I'm hoping for.

Like the Tomatina Tomato Festival! I'm already planning my out fit, red short-shorts, pre-loved sneakers, black swim suit underneath and a baggy white shirt to scribble on with perm-maker!

When: 25th August, 2010 & 31st August 2011.
Where: The battle happens in the small town of Buñol, an hour outside Valencia.

Can't wait to get some of this action, it's like a tomato orgy!

Another Festival must would be the San Fermin Festival with the Running of the Bulls. I want to take part of the running on one of the later days. But it scares me just thinking about it :S Must start practice my jogging! And look for some advice on the net. Need to wear white pants and top with a long red scraf around the waist, and running shoes of course!

When: July 6th to the 14th. Annually.
Where: The city of Pamplona, capital of the Navarra region, near the Basque Country (north Spain)
Don't think I will start at the start bit though,
I know bulls run alot fast than I will ever manage.

Las Fellas looks like it will be pretty, prepared to take alot of photos. *Looks at to Rania*
Also plan to eat

Hello everybody! This is Julie speaking, here to tell you about Abu Dhabi.

Ok I guess I should explain first. Me and my friends are planning on traveling around for a bit as a gap year or 3 to 4 months in Lizzy's case -__-. And first where heading to London! Now I know you might be wondering what Abu Dhabi has to do with London, right? Well it's one of the stops he have to take to get there. So I decided I would look what Abu Dhabi has to offer instead of just waiting in the airport for the next plane to London.

Guess what I found

Looks awesome and awe inspiring doesn't it? Need to go during the morning (from 9.00am to 12.00 noon), can't go on Friday for obvious reasons. Tours start at 10am. Need loose long sleeved shirts, long pants or skirts and a head scarf.

Also want to see some of those sand dunes that we will be flying over from the air port. Also hoping to run into a spice souk or something tradition like that. But apparently there aren't many traditions ones left :(.

Looking forward to walking about and trying a drink from a juice bar. Maybe even seeing a nice looking smoking cafe.

CAMELS! I want to see a camel markets or at least a few camels but I think my chances are slim.Gosh I know there feral in Oz but damn there so much cooler when there Arab camels.

Do you think I can do all this in a day? Gosh I hope so <3

Peace out and what-not;


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome to the first post of my blog!

I'm not quite sure what I will be posting here, there are quite a few things I want to tell and show people. None of which are all that exciting unfortunately. But I'm working on that I swear.

I guess I should introduce me self to you guys. My name is Julie and my boyfriend tells me I'm an alcoholic. Personally I don't think I am, I just really REALLY like spirts. Collecting them means I can't possible be one. Due to the fact an alcoholic would obviously drink it all, instead of keeping to look at. Anyway whats 50 to 60 bottles anyway?

I work as a bartender as well, which is the main reason I take such an interest in knowing and tasting as many different drinks as possible.

See... No why in hades could I be an alcoholic.

My job also has the occasional funny story/rant that my pop up in this blog. One I never tire of telling people is the mustache one. While involved a large black paper mustache, a shotgun rifle and the police. Really it's a classic.

Unfortunately due to my work I also do not have much of a social like outside work -__-.
So most of my tales of hanging out with friends will involve game consoles, movies and boardgames. We do nerdy random things, quite a lot actually.

Also due to the fact that I own a vagina I like girly things like shoes and clothes and will no doubt post unimaginable amounts of photos of just that. Followed of course with the comment of not having enough money to buy them -__-.

I'm also quite young last time I checked. Not very young mind you, but young enough to get at least 2 to 3 comment of :

"Aren't you to young to be working in a bar, little missy?"

At the time of this post I was 20 years and 89 days old, so it's very legal in Australia for me to be working there I swear. I also just realised I've been working in a bar work for a year and 10 months now, so whats that? Working in a bar since I was 18 yeah? Niffty.

I'm currently saving up to go traveling, where I'm not to sure. So I will be posting silly things about places I want to go to and air rates. Gosh this blog will be filled will my silly little dreams how sweet.

Anyway peace out and the what-not;
hi everyone :D testing tesing 1 2 3 ... *burp*